Overcoming Deep-Rooted Tribal Fears

Dec 31, 2013

Addressing felt needs through healthcare, nutrition education, and other programs enables a community with long-held tribal superstitions to break away from fear.

From the Village to the Classroom

Sep 09, 2013

Before learning the ropes of ministry, students at a Bible school in Indonesia must first adjust to a new culture on campus.

A Place for All People

Sep 09, 2013

A community center in Merauke, Indonesia, seves a diverse group of locals, bringing together Muslims and Christians in a gospel-centered space.

Into the Fields

Sep 09, 2013

A rice farming boom in Papua is bringing opportunities to reconcile old divisions and plant new churches.

Man of God

Apr 26, 2013

Rafi’s extraordinary story of healing, coming to faith, and surviving persecution is a testimony to the power of Isa Almasih – “Jesus the Messiah” in Arabic.


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